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What is Bitcoin

You can find general information about Bitcoin here: BITCOIN

How to exchange Bitcoin <-> PerfectMoney?

In the section "BUY/SELL E-CURRENCY" choose the exchange direction, enter the exchange  and pay for your request according to the instructions on the email received, the exchange will be completed instantly.

How long should I wait for the confirmation from the Bitcoin network?

1 confirmation estimated time is 10 minutes. This sometimes depends on the bitcoin network.

My exchange from Bitcoin to PerfectMoney has not been completed and I have received an error notification. Why?

The amount specified in your request should be transferred in one transaction, not from 2 and more addresses. There are cases, when the website Perfect Money is not available or it is not possible to receive a Bitcoin confirmation, in both cases the administrator receives a notification that the exchange has not been completed and completes the exchange manually as soon as possible.

After payment of the request, the request status "Waiting for confirmation"?

Any payment may be tied up by the payment system for checking purposes, please wait. If your request status does not change for more than 24 hours, please contact the support. In this case, processing failure is hardly probable.

Is it possible to do exchange to the advantage of third parties?

Yes. It is. You take the risks of the recipients.


CoinGrounds now offers a simple and reliable multi level Bitcoin "Give and Grow" affiliate system.

Definition of the Multi-Level "Give and Grow System

Any Bitcoin user, whether corporate or individual, existing customer or non customer that wants to make interest of 45% (percent) on weekly return on their Bitcoin provided/deposited as loan to CoinGrounds.
This is a lucrative offer that will last for as long as Bitcoin exist. It was created to assist the average customers and individual persons to achieve a financial growth and asset that would maximize their profit and also grant them more idea about cryptocurrency trade while making their interest weekly.
Depositors of "GG" are entitled to an interest of 45% (percent) on their deposited coin.
The minimum deposit amount for "GG" is 0.015 BTC while the maximum deposit amount is 0.195 BTC
Multiple submission is not allowed and will attract disqualification while your coin is returned to your wallet after ID verification.
The withdrawal of the total deposited BTC loan starts from eight (8) weeks (calculated) from the first deposit date.
The withdrawal of interest amount starts after four (4) weeks from first deposit date.
There is no limit to the withdrawal made on interest of the deposit.
Withdrawal is instant but an Identification process is subjected on any withdrawal for security reasons.


Request for our wallet address from the contact page. Fill ALL columns correctly and crosscheck your wallet address and other information before submitting.